Plainfield Councilman

Plainfield Councilman

Barry Goode was elected on November 4 2015 for a four year term representing the First & Fourth Wards. In 2019 Councilman Goode decided to seek re-election that he would remain in office. On November 5, 2019 he was victorious and was sworn in January 6, 2020 for another four years.

In addition to his duties on the City Council, Councilman Goode also services as a minister, a public speaker, and a proud father. Councilman Goode is focused on being involved with the community and its constituents. His presence at youth and senior functions make him a familiar and friendly face around our community.

Councilman Goode is known for going the extra mile for his constituents to ensure their needs are properly addressed and resolved in a timely fashion. As the former 2017 City Council Vice- President Councilman Goode remains committed to maintaining Plainfield’s status — to keep moving forward with civility, transparency and consistency.

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